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Best Trimmer for Balls Reviews + Buying Guide Included

Best Trimmer for Balls 2021 Reviews (Buying Guide Included)


Best Trimmer for Balls

Best Trimmer for Balls: While shaving your face is probably the number one use of electric trimmers, you shouldn’t neglect other parts of your body, especially not your pubic region.

Keeping your groin, testicles, and other similar areas shaved is an important part of making yourself look and feel good.

However, buying a good trimmer for your balls requires a different set of considerations when compared to buying a trimmer for other parts of your body.

This article is dedicated to helping you find the right trimmer for your most sensitive parts. If you want to skip all that and get the best trimmer, get the Meridian Below-The-Belt Trimmer.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Trimmer for Balls 2021 :

Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Bodygroom Series


ManGroomer 2.0 Professional Body Groomer


Manscaped Electric- The Lawn Mower


Meridian Below-The-Belt Trimmer


ManGroomer Lithium Max Plus+ Body Groomer


Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Bodygroom Series

When it comes to shavers and trimmers of all types, you can’t go wrong with a good entry from Philips Norelco. Any man who has ever dabbled with electric shavers is likely familiar with their products already as they are easily one of the most prolific brands out there when it comes to these types of products. So, we figured that a trimmer from them wasn’t a bad idea to start off our review list. While the Philips Norelco BG7030/49 isn’t a dedicated ball trimmer, you can also see for yourself that this is part of their Bodygroom series of products, which is designed for use on all the various sensitive parts of your body, so it doubles as a very Best Trimmer for Balls.

A signature feature of this series of Philips Norelco products is their ability to be used on either side. If you take a closer look at the product, you can see that it has blades on both sides of the device. This is good because it allows you to flip the device and continue to use it without necessarily having to stop and thoroughly clean the blades of any hair or anything like that. It also makes it a bit more versatile since each side has a different blade.

A big aspect of any trimmer is the ability to adjust the length of the blades to ensure that you can always get exactly the length that you want. Well, in this respect, the Philips Norelco BG7030/49 does very well. Each blade has around 5 adjustable lengths for you to mess around with, which helps you to keep things fresh.

  • Pros
  • Can be used for basically all of your body.
  • Double sided trimmer.
  • Blades can be adjusted up to 5 different lengths.
  • Can be used both wet and dry.
  • Not tricky to clean.
  • Cons
  • Not exclusively made for the groin area.

ManGroomer 2.0 Professional Body Groomer

Next up, we want to review a trimmer with a very appropriate name in the form of the ManGroomer 2.0 Professional Body Groomer. You just knew that we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to review a trimmer with such a fitting name. Given the product’s name, you would be right to assume that this is the right tool for the job, and we are happy to say that it more than delivers.

First off, even though this has nothing to do with the quality of the actual trimmer, but the price of the trimmer. While grooming tools like this are rarely expensive, those of you looking for something inexpensive will like the ManGroomer 2.0 since it only ends up costing a little under $30. Get Best Trimmer for Balls Now.

In terms of performance, the ManGroomer does fairly well. It has efficient blades that driver a relatively smooth shave. With 3 different trimming lengths to pick from, you can also rest easy knowing that this trimmer is always going to give you the exact hair length that you want. Also, as is the case with basically any other high-end trimmer, it can be used either wet or dry.

One issue that we will mention regarding the ManGroomer is the fact that this trimmer is definitely a bit on the flimsier side of things. While you can’t really feel what we are talking about, if you do end up buying this trimmer and giving a try, then you are quickly going to see what we are talking about; the trimmer feels like it will break at any moment.

  • Pros
  • You can use it wet and dry.
  • Sharp, efficient blades.
  • Decent amount of versatility; 3 blade positions.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Cons
  • A bit flimsy.

Manscaped The Lawn Mower

A new player when it comes to body trimmers is Manscaped and they have quickly become very famous because of how well-made their trimmers are and the Lawn Mower is one of their best offerings.

Easily the star of the show when it comes to this trimmer is the blade quality. It boasts some extremely well-made blades will give you one of the absolute smoothest shaves that your balls have ever gotten. Of course, this does come with a downside that we will discuss later, but it is definitely one of the main reasons to get this trimmer over the other options that we have reviewed.

Sadly, one of the downsides to having a trimmer like this with such sharp blades is that you can end up cutting your skin quite easily. While that is a flaw to be sure, the other benefits of the Lawn Mower help to make it good enough to be included on this list.

  • Pros
  • Best blades of any trimmer on this list.
  • Well-built trimmer.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Cons
  • Can cut your skin quite easily.

Meridian Below-The-Belt Trimmer

Continuing on with our trend of reviewing trimmers with very appropriately named trimmers, we are going to be doing a review of the Meridian Electric Below-The-Belt Trimmer. This is a very simple, but also extremely effective trimmer that is great for keeping your balls and pubic area well-groomed.

The first thing that we want to talk about is how great the blade design on this trimmer is. It is designed to work well with even the most sensitive skin. Unless you are incredibly unlucky, then you shouldn’t have to deal with any nicks, cuts, burns, or any of the other issues commonly associated with shaving sensitive areas like your balls. The blades are also designed to give you a smooth cut without having to worry about things like ingrown hairs either.

While this isn’t a huge complaint, we do have to say that we are a bit disappointed in the price of the Meridian, given that all you get with the purchase is the trimmer itself and no extra attachments. Likewise, we do wish that the battery life could be better.

  • Pros
  • Consistently delivers a smooth cut.
  • Prevents nasty ingrown hairs.
  • Designed to work very well with sensitive skin.
  • Long-lasting blades.
  • Cons
  • Battery life could also afford to be better.
  • Fairly pricey for a trimmer with no attachments.

ManGroomer Lithium Max Plus+ Body Groomer

For the last review on this list, we want to return once again to reviewing a trimmer from ManGroomer. We have already reviewed one product from them earlier on in the list (and we spoke quite highly about it if you will recall). However, you just know that a brand that is literally called ManGroomer produces multiple trimmers that are worth looking at, and so we wanted to review at least one more. For those of you who liked the first product from them that we reviewed, you will probably appreciate the fact that the ManGroomer Lithium Max Plus+ Body Groomer is an upgraded version of their last trimmer.

We know that we mentioned this in the introduction to this review, but we really do want to emphasize that this trimmer from ManGroomer has all the same great features found on their last one, but just better. It boasts great battery life, amazingly precise blades, great versatility, and an ability to be used with or without cream/water. What’s not to love?

It is probably a good sign overall that the only criticism that we can mention about this testicle groomer is the fact that of the 2 products from them that we have reviewed, this is the pricier of the 2. The price difference isn’t outrageous or anything, but you can expect to spend in the range of around $30-$35 more on this particular body groomer when compared to the ManGroomer trimmer that we featured. That’s not a lot, but depending on your budget, it might make a difference.

  • Pros
  • Use it anyway you want.
  • Doesn’t cut your skin or pull hair.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Head can swivel.
  • Cons
  • The more expensive of the 2 ManGroomer products.

Buying Best Trimmer for Balls

While manscaping is an absolutely vital thing for any man to do, we also must acknowledge that a lot of men out there are definitely not big into manscaping.

As such, they might not be completely familiar with crucial information such as the various benefits associated with manscaping and how to properly buy a trimmer for use in an area that is so sensitive. That is what we are going to be dealing with in this buying guide.

Benefits of Keeping Your Pubic Area Groomed

Before getting into what you need to be looking for when it comes to buying a ball trimmer, we are first going to quickly go over the many benefits that are to be had by keeping your pubic area regularly groomed.

We want to do this because as we said above, we feel like there are a lot of benefits to keep your pubic area well groomed, but many men still don’t do it regularly, so hopefully we can convince you.

It Makes You Look Bigger and Better

One of the most commonly cited benefits of keeping your pubic area well-groomed is the fact that it does help to make your pubic area look bigger and better overall.

While size isn’t everything, it is hard to deny that it is an important thing for a lot of guys. Keeping your pubic area groomed doesn’t actually add inches, but it does make it look that way.

Aside from size, grooming your pubic area just makes it look a lot better in general. There is something that is a lot more appealing about a groomed area as opposed to a wild mess of hair.

It Makes the Area Cleaner

As you can also guess, keeping that area groomed can help make the area much cleaner. Even if you regularly clean your pubic area (and you should definitely be doing that regardless of how much you shave) keeping it shaved can help to keep it clean and hygienic.

There are two things in particular that you want to know about here. First, there is the fact that grooming your pubic hair provides a lot less places for bacteria to hide; bacteria love long, thick hair and getting rid of that gives them less areas to breed in.

Secondly, there is the fact that keeping your pubic area well-groomed can drastically lower your chances of getting any sort of infection (both of a sexual and non-sexual nature). So, the benefits to grooming aren’t just cosmetic, there are actual health benefits.

It Reduces Rashes

While this isn’t going to apply to every guy out there, those of you who often find that your testicles are often getting sweaty and that you are breaking out in rashes down there may be interested to learn that hair can often cause excess amounts of sweat, which then causes rashes.

So, by shaving your balls and general pubic region, you will let more air circulate around your testicles, which then dries the area out and prevents rashes. Again, we know that not every guy will find this to be equally useful, but we know that at least a few of you out there will be able to make use of this information.

Buying A Good Ball Trimmer

Now that we have established the various cosmetic and health benefits associated with grooming your general pubic region, we now want to turn to the very important question of what exactly makes a trimmer good for use on your balls.

Look for Sharp Blades

The first thing that we want to recommend that you look for are very sharp blades. We have to qualify this statement because we know that right off the bat a bunch of you are probably scratching your head and wondering what we are talking about, since the idea of sharp blades around your balls is usually a bad idea.

However, having sharp blades on your trimmer is actually a good thing because it lessens the chance that the blades will accidentally snag and rip out a testicle hair. While sharper blades may cut, proper procedure when trimming will prevent this.

On the other hand, trust us when we say that you really don’t want to accidentally snag a hair as that will both hurt a lot and cause long term soreness and possibly bleeding.

Get A Smaller Trimmer

Generally, you want the trimmer that you use on your balls to be as small as possible for one simple reason, it is a lot easier to control.

We probably don’t need to tell most of you why you want a more portable trimmer, and we especially don’t need to tell you why it is important to have an easy-to-handle trimmer for use in such a sensitive area.

We only really felt the need to mention this at all because typically, you want a larger shaver to try and get as much hair off as possible.

Make Sure the Trimmer can be Used Wet or Dry

Probably the single most important piece of advice that we could give you is that you should try and get a trimmer that can be used either wet or dry. There are a few reasons for this.

First off, you should generally try to shave sensitive areas when they are wet because your pores open up and you are a lot less likely to cut your skin or rip out a hair.

Secondly, there is a versatility aspect at play here because you never know when you are going to need to do some emergency manscaping and being able to use your ball trimmer without having to wet the area and bust out the shaving cream can be extremely handy in a pinch.

Look For A Trimmer With Adjustable Blades

Finally, we want to mention something that did come up on our best trimmer for balls list once or twice, which was the importance of adjustability in a trimmer. Look, you never know when you are going to be in the mood to change things up style-wise.

Likewise, you never know when you are going to be a bit lazy (and don’t fret too much as all guys do this) and let your hair grow out. In both of those cases, having a trimmer with adjustable length can be extremely handy.


We have included this comment section alongside the other parts of our list to allow those of you with further questions pertaining to the finding of the best trimmer for balls to ask them.

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Best Trimmer for Balls

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